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1164 Camp St. 

New Orleans, LA  70130

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Water Works, L3C was formed in 2012 as a socially conscious company dedicated to building resilience and reducing risk from flooding, pollution, and natural hazards. We believe that the best solutions are multidisciplinary, and we work to integrate science, history, and art into our engagement approach. We are committed to community-driven solutions and maintain a diverse mix of consulting, research, and pro bono projects in support of our mission.  

Water Works is a founding member of the Greater New Orleans Water Collaborative and is involved in federal and state planning efforts. We work in hazard mitigation, recovery, and resilience planning. We are also leading the update of the New Orleans Hazard Mitigation Plan, supporting business continuity for small local businesses and conducting research on federal disaster policy. Water Works has developed a resident guide to water management, The Joy of Water, and is engaged in myriad community outreach and partnership efforts. 

What is an L3C?

Water Works is organized as an L3C, a Low-Profit Limited Liability Company, which bridges the gap between nonprofit and for-profit entities. Our approach to business is socially-conscious, and allows us to maintain a balance of traditional consulting projects and pro-bono work to support community initiatives.

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