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Rapides Parish Comprehensive Resiliency Plan
Client: Rapides Area Planning Commission
Time Period: 2015-2017

Water Works is leading the planning team for the Rapides Parish Comprehensive Resiliency Plan. This project consisted of developing an overview planning document to increase resilience in the parish, including analysis of current and future needs for transportation, infrastructure, economic development, housing, hazard mitigation and floodplain management, public facilities, and historic and cultural assets. The planning process included review of resources and responsibilities within the parish, as well as integration of other planning documents, including emergency operations, hazard mitigation, long range transportation, and other state and local plans.

Water Challenge Consultant
Client: Propeller
Time Period: 2014-2017

Water Works serves as the Water Consultant for Propeller's Water Challenge and Accelerator Program. We host a series of monthly policy workshops focused on regional water management issues, develop policy memos, and provide assistance to Water Accelerator participants on sector-based solutions.

Building the Resilience of Small Coastal Businesses
Client: Entergy
Time Period: 2016-2017

Water Works worked with the Lowlander Center to review existing work on Building a Resilient Energy Gulf Coast, identifying small businesses as a critical component of Louisiana coastal communities and needed additional targeted risk reduction. The project tested five approaches to engagement across eight coastal communities in order to

understand the business community’s approach to risk reduction and identify support activities to which the businesses might be receptive.

City of New Orleans Hazard Mitigation Plan

Water Works served as a key advisor to the 2015 Update of the Hazard Mitigation Plan, in partnership with the City's Hazard Mitigation Office. The Plan Update is focused on building internal capacity while also expanding the range of hazards and mitigation actions under consideration. In this project, Water Works is pioneering a new approach towards hazard mitigation planning, which bolsters, rather than replaces, local expertise and expands stakeholder involvement through an equity framework. To learn more visit

City of New Orleans Main Street Resiliency Plan

Water Works was part of a project team working on identifying strategies to increase Main Street resiliency along 6 targeted corridors. This project was a pilot to develop resilience strategies for the city as a whole. Water Works developed a Technical Guide for Building Hardening, in partnership with Waggonner and Ball, and a Business Continuity Guide, in partnership with Stay Local and IBHS.

Neighborhood Water Wise
Client: Client: Greater New Orleans Foundation and Environmental Protection Agency

Water Works developed educational materials and curriculum for the Neighborhood Water Wise workshop series. This initiative helped build community support for green infrastructure and informed homeowners of Do-It-Yourself measures they can take to better manage water on their property.

Water Challenge Coordinator
Client: Idea Village
Time Period: 2013-2014

Water Works served as the program coordinator for the 2013-2014 Water Challenge, a collaborative initiative of The Idea Village and the Greater New Orleans Foundation (GNOF) that identifies and supports entrepreneurial solutions to address flooding, water quality, and coastal restoration. The Water Works team designed the program, recruited applicants, and supported the 2014 Water Challenge participants.

EPA Urban Waters: Mosquito & Water Quality Monitoring

Water Works was part of a project team, among with the City of New Orleans' Mosquito & Termite Control Board and Bayou Land RC&D, monitoring rain garden sites to ensure that the areas are draining properly, improving water quality, and are not providing mosquito breeding habitat. As part of this project, Water Works managed local community liaisons who are assisting with the water quality monitoring and outreach.

Hazard Mitigation Plan: 
Four Counties in New Jersey
Clients: Camden, Cumberland, Gloucester, and Salem Counties
Time Period: 2014-2015

Water Works served as the Subject Matter Expert for Grant Programs and Funding Options under Stuart Wallace, LLC during the development of the hazard mitigation plan updates for Camden, Cumberland, Gloucester, and Salem Counties and the associated 90+ municipalities in New Jersey. We identified options for funding through FEMA Hazard Mitigation Assistance (HMA) and non-HMA programs that participating communities can incorporate into their mitigation strategies. In order to help constituent municipalities implement and maintain their hazard mitigation plans, Water Works developed a series of workshops, webinars, and tutorials.

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