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Water Works takes a comprehensive look at how communities interact with the natural environment, providing tools to engage citizens in solving water issues and helping governments adapt to meet planning, environmental, and regulatory requirements. We build local capacity to protect people, property, small businesses, and ecosystems through various mechanisms, including improved stormwater management and flood mitigation.
We maintain a diverse mix of consulting and pro-bono projects in support of our mission. Our clients include government agencies, businesses, nonprofits, and individuals. Please contact us for more information.
Our services include:
  • Community education and outreach

  • Disaster recovery planning and implementation

  • Hazard mitigation planning

  • Business continuity planning

  • Community Rating System assistance

  • Professional training

  • Watershed monitoring

  • Data collection and analysis

  • Low impact development and low cost retrofit resource guidance

  • Watershed improvement planning

  • Hazard and risk assessment

  • Applied research

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